Worship Sundays in-person at 10:00am

Faithful In Prayer and Our Personal Witness

Thank you for joining us weekly to pray over the following items:

  • Enable us to be HAPPY, THANKFUL and PRAYERFUL in our faith at all times.
  • May we be kept spotless in our integrity both in soul and mind. 
  • Help us to be more intentional in our efforts to go forth and make disciples.
  • To have courage and not fear to share the message of the cross with boldness, no matter what the consequence.
  • Let us not misrepresent our faith or our Savior as we strive to live righteously in a fallen world. 
  • Give us a desire and a genuine longing to see lost souls saved by grace.
  • Fill our hearts with a real love for our neighbor that leads us to share the message of redemption every opportunity we are given.