Worship Sundays in-person at 10:00am



At Higher Ground Church we believe that the individual Christian life is to be lived out in community with other born-again believers. We thus encourgage committed membership in a local church, where this can occur most naturally. If you are a regular attendee of Higher Ground Church, we would ask you to seriously consider officially joining your brothers and sisters in Christ on the membership roll here, and become a member of the Higher Ground family.



To be a member of Higher Ground Church, one must be a professing believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and of His saving person and work as related in the Gospel. You should have already been, or be willing to be, baptized in a Protestant church.


Should you wish to officially join Higher Ground, obtain an application, either from the pamphlet rack in the foyer, or from the Church Secretary ( After filling out and submitting your application, Pastor will meet with you for an interview.

Induction and Welcome

Once you have satisfactorily fulfilled the above requirements, your name will be posted in the bulletin for two weeks prior to your induction into Higher Ground Church membership, when we offer you the "right hand of fellowship"--and maybe a big hug too!