Worship Sundays in-person at 10:00am


Jaquay Dempsey, First Lady


Born and raised in Oakland, Mrs. Dempsey has served at Higher Ground Church since its HGBFC days and is committed to making an impact in God's economy.  If she isn't welcoming attenders at the front door, you might be able to find her in the Fellowship Hall, in the sound booth, or even singing with the praise team.  And when she isn't homeschooling her four children, you can try to catch the First Lady before - or maybe after - leading a youth Bible study.  Mrs. Dempsey can be reached at


Evelyn Newsom, Church Secretrary


Ms. Evelyn was a member of the original Higher Ground Bible Fellowship Church (HGBFC) since 2001, serving as their Business Manager from January 2001 until May 2011 when HGBFC merged with EFCO to become Higher Ground Church.  When the Secretary position at Higher Ground became vacant in 2017, she was hired to fill the vacancy.  In addition, she continues to serve as a Sunday School teacher for the middle school children and is a member of the Hospitality Ministry overseeing Sunday Fellowship.  Ms. Evelyn can be reached at