Worship Sundays in-person at 10:00am

Persevering in Prayer

Thank you for joining us weekly to pray over the following items:

For us as a church to daily lay aside our own ambitions and desires to see God's kingdom advanced in this world.

May we as a church seek opportunities to reach out to our fellow members and encourage or serve them in a tangible way.

Help us to not grow slack in the discipleship of our children during our time away from Sunday worship services.

May the men of Higher Ground display godliness, leadership and an attitude of Christ toward their families, co-workers and neighbors daily as witnesses for the Lord.

May the women of Higher Ground commit to serve, honor and encourage their husbands, leaders and families each day. 

Let every member honestly evaluate their commitment to Christ and our local church and resolve to turn away from whatever idols stand in the way of a deeper love and service to God.

For continued giving and the practice of godly stewardship during times of economic hardship.