Join us for worship each Sunday morning at 11:00am

Prayers for Wise Living

Thank you for joining us weekly to pray over the following items:

  • Show us how to turn away from all sinful alliances with the world; let nothing rival our pursuit and love of God.
  • Enable us to be more thoughtful about our speech and let it be marked by appropriateness and dignity. 
  • May we daily praise God for giving us insight into ALL things through His Word.
  • Help us not to be overly presumptuous about our future, but instead to rest in God's providence over our lives.
  • Lord, show us our frailty and keep us ever-mindful of our TOTAL dependence on God for all things (Acts 17:28).
  • Help us to remember that it is idolatry to assign our successes in this life to anything but God.
  • May our comfort and consolation be found in God's sovereignty and His being in control of all things, not in our ability to know our future and understand the difficult providences of life.