Worship Sundays in-person at 10:00am

Evangelistic Petitions

Join us in praying for the following:

Our personal witness to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers

For a proper balance of contempt for this world and a love for God’s kingdom.

May the motivating force for our whole life, including evangelism, be our love for God.

Guard us against the temptation to water down the gospel and make it more acceptable to maintain popularity with men or for success.

May the Holy Spirit give us a desire to be attracted to God and a life of holiness and a disdain for the pleasure of this world.

Let us be more discerning of the opportunities God grants us to share our enthusiasm about being a Christian and why our allegiance is to Him above all things.

May God protect us from compromising situations and scandal where our Christian witness may bring shame against God and His church.

Let us be INTENTIONAL and make plans to build relationships and put ourselves in positions to talk with non-Christians so we can eventually evangelize.

May we accept that it is our job to evangelize because we are Christians.  This is not just the job of the pastor.

Let us not be more concerned about people’s feelings and responses than God’s glory. May the Holy Spirit enable us to be FAITHFUL to sharing the gospel of Christ.

Open our eyes to the folly of our sinful habits and how our selfish choices may affect those around us.

May God fill our hearts with a love for people so much that we don’t want to see them perish in hell. Help us not to protect our pride at the cost of their souls!